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Vigil held in Altab Ali Park in solidarity with Manchester

Wednesday, 24 May, 2017 : 

Ansar Ahmed Ullah : A vigil was held today, 24 May in Altab Ali Park, Whitechapel in solidarity with the victims of Manchester suicide bomb attack. The vigil was jointly called by the Udichi UK Sangshod & Bangladesh Human Rights Council UK in association with the Nirmul Committee, War Crimes Trial Stage UK Gonojagoron Moncho, Policy Perceptions Studies UK and many other community organisations to offer condolences and pay tribute to the victims and families of Manchester tragedy.

 The vigil started with a minute silence in memory of the victims. In addition, candles were lit and floral wreaths were laid. In a brief address chaired by Harunor Rashid of Udichi and conducted by Dr Anisur Rahman Anis of Bangladesh Human Rights Council UK, Rushanara Ali Mp, Helal Abbas, Syed Faruk, Shahab Ahmed Bachchu, Cllr Oliur Rahman, Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed, Cllr Ohid Ahmed, freedom fighter Lukman Hussain, M A Rauf, Rafique Ullah, Ajmal Masroor, Jamal Khan, Gopal Das, Advocate Abed Ali, Cllr Mahbub Alam, Cllr Ribena Khan, Delwar Hussain, former Cllr Mamunur Rashid, Shagofta Sharmin Tania, Dr Hasneen Chowdhury, Shamim Azad, Syed Naznin Sultan Shikha amongst many others condemned the cowardly sickening attack on young innocent children in Manchester in the strongest language. They conveyed great sadness and deepest condolences to all victims, all those affected and their families and friends in their grief and despair. The gathering strongly condemned such act of violence against humanity. Speakers also urged parents to be vigilant.

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